P R O P O S I T I O N: R E M Y T H I F I C A T I O N

Timothy Emlyn Jones, 1975

Society functions according to the myths it inherits or originates, both consciously and unconsciously. These myths, which are often so broad as not to have clear identities comprise sets or clusters of propositions of both positive and negative form.  These propositions — or paradigms — are seldom clear, that is to say, they require the perceiver to be mystified; this mystification being a function of some propositions in some social conditions.  Opposition to the prevailing myths and propositions can take the form of their identification and clarification: the process of Demystifiication.  However, the self-conscious articulation of propositions, let alone myths, is a process from which most people are alientated; hence my additional proposition of Remythification as an advance on Demystification towards creativity.

While as a socially active citizen I need to be conscious of my historical context, it is important to recognise the relativity of the proposition of History.  I suggest that all events, all people, from all time are now, here, that is to say here and now.  Everything in History and in Consciousness exists in the present because that is the location of perception. Everything is now, here.

The propositions contained in this book, of which the book itself is one, are in no way definitive, for the production of a book should be a small part of the interpretive process which extends unpredictably through time, mind and action.

The work I produce is a combination of visual, poetical and theatrical elements without being any one of them separately.  This book is a manifestation of that approach.

Despite the contradiction, or perhaps because of it, in this writing I have referred to or used a number of propositions to which I do not subscribe.

Timothy Emlyn Jones, Introduction to Proposition: NOW-HERE as Here and Now, Embryo Books, Glasgow, 1975 and 1977, redacted 2011

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