beyond the lighthouse

the seas

the other mother

flowingness heaves

heavy moisture breathes

ebbing flowing and weaves


each instant is life is itself
a range of swirling changes

plangent ranges

pour and flow

eddy and under

writhe and swirling

dark greens to white foams grow

slick flickering gray to seem

a shimmering lickering seeming dream

calm swithering to lithering cream
each wave a turning roll

slow deep undulation

sleepy ululation

as laconic as dreaming fathoms throw

as wickering as westering winds



unmoved as authority the cliffs
sheer before the continuity of seas
strata tumble in arching span and roll
stiff in their parabolic heave and scan
their other sense of waveform plan

in their different sense of time and ease

and other sense of movement



unfocussed vapour

a mass

another speed the sky

another mindedness

the sky is the sea translated

inverted and raised

another sense of time

languid language

limpid light

another story than itself





sky sea and blustering middle air
lingering in their full company
undivided in conviviality

throw yourself into the rising seas
surrender to its company
render wise to its rising ease
and find yourself lost / found anew and whole

and swim

across the roll and flow of the ocean’s page

as scroll

and surrendered guest

fall from these rocks and find the word is love
flow from the shore and find

can drowning never be delight?

Copyright © Timothy Emlyn Jones 2020