This is The Will
The last will and testament of that which triumphs
The lost Triumph of the Will

I give and bequeath
To have and to hold
Till birth does you start

all about town clowns and noted dotards
merry andrews and effluviant loons
lost mossbacks and arse faced farceurs
super nincompoops and the loosely stupid
witlings, the witless, mooncalves and jesters
wags in wigs and shining daftheads
gowks, ninnies and shameless twits
fools and saints
and idiot martyrs:


And to the wise, the genial genius and the inspiringly simple:
The Republic of Folly

And I leave unto:

myopic visionaries
aimless missionaries
midnight sunbathers
cheerful sages
muddled prophets making clear profits
agonised anaesthetists
inspired nutters
stuttering mutes
muttering utterers
toothless vampires that gum viciously in the dark
dumb orators and loquacious waiters
distrustful Samaritans
polite and bloodless curs
outraged charity givers
mute conjurors of words
amateur veterans
scrofulitic royalty
ungroomed logicians
forgetful politicians for their remembered demolitions
dark Aryans
sober debauchees
dying midwives
instant chefs
honorary mercenaries
hard men with soft centres
jaywalking police
tearful profiteers
muddied generals
carnivorous shepherds
sunburnt miners
apologetic raiders
asphyxiated gasbags
stationary travellers
unravelling revellers
derelict architects
children of eternity hospitals
senile delinquents
worst men and their speeches
blue rinsed biddies wobbling to the strains of a belched foxtrot
stateless patriots
dispossessed police wrighting their wrongs
nosepicking commissions for their erratic emissions
erotic clinicians
concreted gardeners
hard pardoners
bored comedians
homeless hostesses
vegetarian butchers
criminal bystanders
solemn salesmen
midgets on stilts
and blind pilots

this shuffled pack of cards:

The joker Mankind

And unto Man I leave:

A space called Culture

And to Culture I leave:

this empty space.

Copyright © Timothy Emlyn Jones 2020